The Arcam Solo Music. One Box To Rule Them All!

When it comes down to it, nothing beats a good separates system in terms of maximising your options in sound quality and upgradeability. Unfortunately not all of us have the inclination or space for all those boxes and cables...and that's where the Arcam Solo Music comes in.

Arcam Solo Music

Arcam Solo Music

Arcam's Solo range has been around for over a decade now and has always been well received and the third generation, including the Solo Movie and Solo Music, are no exception.

The Solo Music lies in between the worlds of Hi-Fi and home cinema and is genuinely fantastic at both. Its big selling point being its huge array of functionality and connectivity all crammed into a one box solution, just add a pair of speakers to taste and you are away!

A multitude of ways to play music are presented to you, including a CD drive that will also play SACD (Super Audio CD), wired/wireless streaming, FM/DAB/DAB+ radio and aptX Bluetooth. This is topped off by a plethora of physical inputs such as USB, phono, optical, coaxial and four HDMI. The Arcam Solo Music also features a headphone output for those late night movie or listening sessions.

Arcam Solo Music Rear View

Arcam Solo Music Rear View

The array of HDMI inputs are coupled with a HDMI output for your TV or projector, meaning the Solo Music can be the central hub of a TV set up with Blu-ray players, game consoles, set top boxes and so on all working through it.

This is all powered through 160 watts of class G amplification, similar to that which can be found in the high end FMJ amplifiers, so Arcam certainly hasn't skimped there. We are huge fans of Arcam's FMJ range in store and as soon as we started playing London Grammar's 'Hey Now' we were impressed with the familiar punchy, detailed and instantly enjoyable tonality of the Arcam Solo.

The Arcam Solo Music is available in store, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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REL T Series Ti Subwoofers Get Even Better

REL builds on the already solid T range which brings us to the Ti series. The line up consists of 3 new models, the T5i, the T7i & the T9i.

Both 8" and 10" bass engines have been redesigned using a AlloyFibre driver, not only is this lighter, but stiffer than its predecessor. As a result the cabinets have been made stronger to allow the more powerful engines to work without colouration. The active driver on the T7i & T9i are now forward firing, which gives even greater punch and agility.

The new range uses workhorse Class A/B amp designs coupled to REL's lightening fast signal filters allowing them to integrate seamlessly into any Hi-Fi or Home theatre system.

To make installation even easier the Ti series can be upgraded to become wireless using REL's own Arrow wireless system, meaning only a power cable is needed to connect to the back of the sub.

The Ti series offers greater depth with even tighter control over its predecessor (the T series) and even greater improvements can be heard when compared to alternative brands.

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Simon, John, Claire & Mahmood.

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Breathing New Life Into An Old Michell Focus One Turntable

The Vinyl resurgence over the past few years has seen an enormous amount of old turntables being dragged out of the loft or garage, once cherished but now in a terrible state and left to gather dust. Sadly many of them can only ever head towards the landfill site, but every now and again a gem comes out of the woodwork.

A couple of weeks ago a customer called in with a turntable in a bag asking if we could have a look and see if we can get it going again. It had not seen the light of day many many years apparently. Opening up the bag we were amazed to see one of the all-time classic turntables - the Michell Engineering Focus One! Launched in the late 1970s it was Michell's first entry level turntable, shortly before the famous Gyrodec was produced.

With a very quick dusting it was clear that this was going to be quite easy to get going again. That thought was short lived. With a new drive belt fitted it was clear that there was a slight problem somewhere as the speed was nowhere near accurate. Further investigation revealed that the bearing and the bearing guides was in a very poor state indeed. A quick phone call to Michell and it was off in the post to see the doctor. It now looked in quite a sorry state but I knew it could be back to working order and looking great again in a matter of days.

Serious clean up needed!

Serious clean up needed!

A few days later the re-worked bearing arrived in the post in beautiful condition!

And whilst it was in as a dismantled state it gave me a chance to give it a spruce up.

Re-fit the bearing.......

It was now time to fire it up.......

As soon as the motor switch went to the on position it fired straight up to speed, I was certainly glad to see that! The bearing repair had worked a treat and everything was spot on. Considering it has a very modest cartridge fitted it sounded fantastic.

And now for the best part which is calling the customer to tell them that it is ready to go home.

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Pro-Ject Classic And VT-E Two Marvellous Pieces of Hi-Fi Goodness!

Here at Swindon, we are big fans of the round plastic discs of goodness and we'd like to highlight two turntables for you, namely; the Pro-Ject Classic and Pro-Ject VT-E.


The Pro-Ject Classic - as its name suggests - is a turntable with beautiful simple lines which has taken its design cues from the past (notably the 50's and 60's), and it's apt this turntable should be released to celebrate Pro-Jects 25th Anniversary.

Its elegant design means it will blend in with any manner of Hi-Fi and furniture making it a splendid addition to your other equipment.

Pro-Ject Classic Walnut

Pro-Ject Classic Walnut

So, for some technical specifications:

  • 33 and 45 rpm manual speed change
  • 9" carbon/aluminium tonearm with MM & MC capability
  • Ortofon 2M Silver Cartridge
  • Metal/MDF sandwich chassis floating on TPE suspension
  • Classic wooden chassis in 3 matt finishes (walnut, rosenut and eucalyptus)
Pro-Ject Classic

Pro-Ject Classic

How does it sound then? We find the sound to be emotive and engaging here, we'd recommend coming in or booking a demonstration and having a listen.

We priase Pro-Ject for using materials like TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers) to dampen the exact resonance points created within a turntable to help minimise listening interference in this manner.


To the Pro-Ject VT-E; what a interesting design! Equally, this is designed squarely as a Hi-Fi tuntable.

This is a fantastic turntable for those who also love the theatre of watching your vinyl record spinning whilst listening to your round disc of goodness, it's mesmerizing!

This can be positioned on a shelf or on a wall mount so it's great if you have limited space in your listening environment.

Pro-Ject VT-E black

Pro-Ject VT-E black

So, some of the technical specifications on this turntable:

  • 33 and 45 rpm manual speed change
  • Pro-Ject 8.6" EV tonearm
  • Ortofon OM 5E cartridge
  • available in black, white and red
Pro-Ject VT-E black (angled)

Pro-Ject VT-E black (angled)

This turntable has a fixed counterweight and Cartridge so it makes this deck a breeze to get up and running and enjoy those beautiful picture discs!

Pop in and see or book a demonstration to see this turntable and we will talk you though this interesting and flexible product.

For all things Swindon branch, keep up to date with us on our socials: Facebook, and Google+.

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There Can Be Only One! The Cyrus One.

The brand new (pre-production model) Cyrus One makes an appearance in Audio T Manchester Our Cyrus representative, Nick, popped in to see us with the brand new Cyrus One tucked under his arm.

In what can only be described as a totally new way of thinking in the way Cyrus may design their future products, this was certainly a welcome surprise from the 30 year old company from Huntingdon.

The New Cyrus ONE Integrated Amplifier (Pre-production model).

The New Cyrus ONE Integrated Amplifier (Pre-production model).

A new angular looking Cyrus ONE in high gloss black marks a change in styling from Cyrus. 

A new angular looking Cyrus ONE in high gloss black marks a change in styling from Cyrus. 

The built in moving magnet phono stage will let you connect a suitable turntable.

The built in moving magnet phono stage will let you connect a suitable turntable.

Bluetooth Enabled, the aptx version.

Bluetooth Enabled, the aptx version.

You can stream music from your phone/tablet or computer via a wireless Bluetooth connection, providing maximum flexibility without the need for a home network or any complicated set up. This allows everyone in the family to enjoy their music from their portable devices quickly and easily.

The ONE is hand built in the UK at the Cyrus workshops in Huntingdon. Yes that ONE Chromey.

The ONE is hand built in the UK at the Cyrus workshops in Huntingdon. Yes that ONE Chromey.

The built in Class AB headphone amplifiers are automatically activated when the headphones are plugged in, with the heavyweight toroidal power supply that usually powers the main amplifiers instantly switching all its power to the headphone circuits. At the same time, the volume is automatically returned to zero to protect the user’s hearing and headphones,and in turn,the volume reverts to zero when the headphones are removed.This specifically designed headphone amp circuit has exceptionally good signal to noise performance and is incredibly fast and agile, performing better than many stand alone headphone amplifiers.

We did manage to have a quick listen to the Cyrus ONE.

Very impressive indeed, this diminutive box packs a punch. Played with our new PMC twenty5 22 speakers it showed composure and poise. It seemed unfazed with electronic music, jazz from John Coltrane came across lush and musical,  classical music from Vaughan Williams sounded open and wide, filling our shop floor with sound of the Larks ascending., even Mike's punk and ska sounded fast and gritty. 

So potentially, Cyrus could have a winner here.

We will be getting our own Cyrus ONE demo unit very shortly, we have a few on order. 

Watch this space for updates or alternatively keep an eye on our Audio T website. 

See you Audio T Manchester.

Munir, Mike, Dave, Simon and Haden

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Neat Iota Alpha, It Appears Good Things Do Come In Small Packages

We had been waiting to get our hands on a pair of these since the Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show in February, we knew they were small but when they was oh! That small!

Neat Iota Alpha Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Neat Iota Alpha Floorstanding Loudspeaker

We should have guessed really as we have stocked and sold the diminutive Iota, a great performer for anyone that has a small  space and hooked up with something like the Naim Unitilte makes for a great all in one system.

Once we had run this pair in for a week we hooked them up to a Naim Superuniti to see what they could do, and we weren't disappointed, these are a very musical speaker and despite their small size the addition of the downward firing bass driver below, they can certainly fill a decent size room, whether it's a string quartet or dub reggae that's your bag... these will get your toes a tapping.

Like its smaller brother this speaker uses a ribbon tweeter and bass/mid driver, these are positioned on the front of the speaker at the top and are angled upwards helping to project the sound up into  the room from such a low floor standing speaker.

As mentioned earlier this is now all underpinned by a downward facing bass driver and some large floor spikes to lift the driver to the required height for getting a tuneful and rhythmic bass output which once positioned correctly for the room is in no way woolly or boomy.

These really are a great speaker, writing this and listening to some great music on them using  a Naim CD5xs and Naitxs2 they are still growing on me even more, and for anyone who has a problem with big floorstanding speakers dominating their living room or for those who love music but would like something discreet these are the boys or gals!

Test drive a pair today.....come in and see us and prepare to be wowed.

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ChordMusic Arrival Leads To Summer Fever At Audio T Southampton!

We are thrilled that our much anticipated ChordMusic demonstration cables have just arrived!

ChordMusic Cables

ChordMusic Cables

Just out of their luxurious packaging we have a 1m stereo RCA pair at £3800, a 1m RCA digital interconnect at £3500, a 1m 4DIN to 1XLR for Naim NAP250 at £3500  and a 3m pair of ChordMusic speaker cables retailing for £6600.

These aren't insignificant sums but once we'd heard how much ChordMusic raised the performance of high quality systems we just had to have it.

We will now get on with running in our demo ChordMusic cables.  It's a tough job but...

Watch this space for our thoughts once everything has settled in and for details of forthcoming events which will feature the stunning ChordMusic range.

In the meantime please feel free to phone us or call in to arrange a demo or home loan of ChordMusic, just give us a week or two to run them in.  It won't take us too long!  Whatever the weather this summer we will be happy to stay in and listen to the ChordMusic!

Alan and John

Hear PMC's New twenty5 Series At Our PMC Listening Event

To celebrate the arrival of the new twenty5 series from PMC we're having a day devoted to these wonderful new speakers.

There will be a variety of speakers on demonstration, a chance to chat to a representative of the company, and some drinks and nibbles available.

Why not come along on Saturday the 20th of August from 10am and enjoy some great sounds and feel free to bring some of your own music along! Plus there will be some exclusive offers to all attendees.

We'll look forward to seeing you.

Paul, Jason and Francis

The Importance Of Selecting The Right Cables For Your Hi-Fi

The cables you choose play a vital role within any Hi-Fi system. It can turn a tired old system into a rejuvenated energetic one and vice versa, if poorly chosen.

As with any investment, cost is always a key consideration and you could find yourself spending as much on a cable loom (Speaker cable, interconnects and power leads) as you do on some of your Hi-Fi components. However you may also find that after careful selection and testing, that you settle for something more cost effective because it just works. At the end of the day, if it makes your toes tap, your hair stand on end and makes you smile then it is the right choice. There are a wide selection of products available from our shops, suitable for all systems and all budgets. So if you're considering an upgrade or a new system just ask and we will be more than happy to help.

Recently while purchasing a new Hi-Fi for myself I tested a number of cables from different manufacturers and budgets. One suite of cables in particular really impressed me with its value for money: The QED Reference Range, consisting of XLR, RCA, Digital and Speaker Cables.

QED Reference 40 RCA Interconnects

QED Reference 40 RCA Interconnects

QED is an award winning British company with over 40 years of experience. They make a vast array of cables for all manner of budgets. Over the last 3 months I have had QED Reference 40 RCA £100 + XLR £150 Interconnects and XT40 Speaker Cable £10p/m in my system and quite frankly they are brilliant. I have given a short review below:

QED Reference 40 XLR Speaker cables

QED Reference 40 XLR Speaker cables

The QED Reference 40 XLR

XLR 40 is designed primarily for low capacitance as this has been identified by QED as a major factor in leading to a high fidelity experience. Steps have been taken to eliminate minute timing errors in the cable by the use of a special floating zinc ferrite jacket alongside use of QED's 'Tri-Conductor' technology (reducing signal to ground capacitance to vanishingly low levels).

The Build quality is excellent and so in the Sound. I found them to have great timing and tight bass. The cables delivered excellent detail with everything from Choral music to heavy Dubstep. The connectors on both the XLR and RCA cables are easy to fit, and the locking collars on the RCAs offer a firm connection. I have a vary varied taste in music and no matter what I played on my system it just sounded right. After testing I would be happy to say it is one of the best Interconnects on market under £200.

The QED Reference XT40 Speaker Cable

QED All Plugged in nice & neat

QED All Plugged in nice & neat

Acclaimed by What HI-FI? Magazine; this 'Five Star' award winning pure copper loudspeaker cable boasts QED's X-TubeTM technology and has a 4mm2 cross sectional area. Resulting  in a cable that delivers a flat frequency response within the audio band.

As soon as I had plugged these cables in I just thought they were a bargain. Easy to strip and prepare, flexible and have quite a small profile. In my system they delivered great depth and scale, and in combination with the Interconnects they were superb. They have a smooth delivery with an expressive & open midrange. Whatever I played, be-it Simon and Garfunkel, Rimsky-Korsakov or Chase & Status, they just delivered. I compared them against similarly priced competition and just found myself wanting to go back to the QED cables.  

I would be foolish to say they are perfect for my system as there are better cables out there but none that I have found at this price point.  This series of cables would be perfect for the first upgrade to an existing system or as a purchase with almost any Mid-Level system. The Speaker Cables would also be brilliant for use within an AV / Home cinema system. 

I will be testing more cable suites at higher end price points in the months to come and will report back on my findings, but at the moment I am happy..

I would strongly recommend that if you are in the market for an upgrade or just want to see what your system is capable of, do like I have done, borrow and listen to cables at home on your system, in your own time.  

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Russell K Speakers Now Available At Audio T Enfield

"With a combined Hi-Fi industry experience of more than 50 years the Russell K team introduces loudspeaker systems designed to sound like the real thing at affordable prices"

Russell K RED 50

Russell K RED 50

Russell K does many things differently, unlike most speaker designs Russell K chooses to use no internal dampening and thin cabinet walls with internal bracing shelves instead of a more commonly used thick MDF body with lots of internal dampening. The crossover circuit is particularly interesting, in that it uses only a single coil on the mid/bass driver and a single capacitor in line with the tweeter. All of which creates a sonic performance like no other.

Russell K RED 50

Russell K RED 50

The range starts with the RED 50 bookshelf speakers pictured above, which uses a 5" bass/mid driver & 25mm soft dome tweeter. The sound is unique, without coloration & transparent which allows the speaker to truly disappear. A must on anyone's audition list, for £1,000 high quality small bookshelf speakers.

Russell K RED 100

Russell K RED 100

The RED 100 standmount speaker pictured above follows, which uses a bigger 6.5" bass/mid driver but shares the same 25mm tweeter, it also features a forward firing bass port which helps with speaker placement close to rear walls & helps to produce an even tighter bass response. The RED 100 builds on what the RED 50 already achieves, a bigger more effortless presentation is unlocked with the RED 100.

To complete the range the RED 150 floorstanding speakers have been painstakingly created & designed to achieve even greater depth in bass frequencies whilst retaining the speed & agility of a smaller one. 

We currently have both the RED 50 & 100's on demonstration, so book your demo today of these unique and great sounding speakers.

Many thanks

Simon, John, Claire & Mahmood.

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